Marble Effect

Mable Masterbatch
Optical brightener A1001
Marble Effect

Mable Masterbatch application for ( Blow Film/ Injectoin/ Wire & Cable/ Pipe).

Mable Masterbatch Carrier Type for PE/ PP/ PS/ ABS/ PET…

Mable Masterbatch Resin Suitabication for PE/ PP/ PS/ ABS/ PET…

No.: Marble Effect
Description:  Marble Effect is LLDPE-based and contains highly dispersive Micrometer Precipitated Calcium Carbonate(MPCC)fillers. It applies well in LLDPE and HDPE blown film and blow molding products.
Properties: 1.To cut down the cost.
2.To decrease the usage of white pigment because of good opacity.
3.Good dispersion. No coming off powder even at high ratio dosing.
4.To prevent emission problems by generating less heat with no oil dripping and less smoke when burning. No damage to the incinerator.
5.To improve the working environment and is easy for automatic weighing.
6.To enhance the surface smoothness and gloss of products.
7.Good printablity.
8.It can be mixed with PP resin directly for extrusion vacuum forming,injection etc. And is easy to disperse with good compatibility. It is a kind of modifier which can improve the heat resistance,gloss,flexural strength,size stability,printability and texture,also reduce heat release from burning and secondary environmental pollution.
Applications:    1.Modifier for general purpose LDPE and HDPE
2.To apply in beach chairs.
3.Blow molding products:bottle,buckets etc…
4.Seed for cellular foam:Shoe material, packing padding etc…
Dosage: Direct addition or 0.8-1% mixed with plastic resin
(subject to the final products’s requirements)
Packing:        25kg/bag
Storage:             Keep in dry and under cover place
Notice: Use immediately once open to atmosphere. Keep away from moisture
Origin:          Taiwan(R.O.C.) / Made in China

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