OB1- Optical Brightener

Optical brightener A1001



  • Product Code: OB,OB1.
  • Appearance: golden crystal.
  • Chemical Name: Diphenol vynil- Dibenzoxazol.
  • Molecular fomular: C22H18N2O2
  • Heat Resistance: 1500C- 1800C
  • Concentration: 1-5 %
  • Recommend Dosage: OB 1 (1%), OB 2 ( 0.5%), OB 3 (0.25%)
  • Packing: 25KG/ bag
  • Preservation: keep dry, keep away from heat, and sheltered condition.


It’s hard to produce white resin products as  the desiration, because:

  • In mixture, the first ingredient has a lot of various
  • Processing often make strange substance.
  • Resin materials tend to absorb light in the dark place better that causes the reflection of light and makes products change to yellow.

So, to get the white or bright product use optical brighter the most popular way in order to increase the reflection of light.


  • Essentially used to make product get white or bright on some resin base: PE, PP, PS,PET, ABS, PVC, Nylon….

Fiber synthetic: polyester, propylene, nylon..


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