About us

In an enviroment ruled by “ Just in time” Minh Chấn has developed a reputation for providing what you need when you need it.

We, Minh Chấn Co., Ltd spcializes in supplying raw materials and additives for plastic: masterbatch, additives, fillers produced and imported from countries as: Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, China etc, inside we commit to completely use imported materials. With plentiful color database, company can satisfy all demand of customers from color to type plastic. Especially, we can put colors together on demands.

– To apply on many type of plastic base as: LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PET, PVC, ABS, SAN, HIPS….
– To produce by many methods as: pressing, blowing film, moulding, weaving, pulling at a rope…
– To put colors together on demands, free, quickly, exactly….
– To keep prices reasonable, to deliver goods on time.
– To commit the prestige, quality of products.

Next we report to customers a number of main products:
– Masterbatch
– Additives for plastic
– Nano Cancium Cacbonate Masterbatch
– Oxide Cancium Paraffin Wax
– Paraffin, PE wax
– OB…

Besides we always have another products updated generously and diversifiedly that satisfies demands of customers. Please, read the list of products to understand better about information and the usage.

If you need, we can visit your representative office or your factory every time and everywhere.
And you can begin to appreciate our commitment to providing the very best service for all of our customers.
We hope coperating with you and make strong relationship.
Thanks a lot.