Anti-Static Masterbatch A9002

Slip-Antiblock Masterbatch A9001
Hạt Phụ Gia Nhựa Tăng Sáng Quang Hoc A1001

Hat chong tinh dien Anti-Static A9002

A9002 is an Anti-Static masterbatch for Polyolefins by reducing the build-up of electrostatic surface charges during processing, impoved processing efficiency, reduce transport and packing problems and minimize dust pick-up.

If the product is subject to welding ( heat sealing), printing or labeling, care must be given to choose the right concentration. This because of its nature, A9002 will migrate to the surface of the plastic to act as antistatic agent and if the percentage is too high, could give problems when welded, printed or labeled. In this case, we recommend to perform, those further processes immediate after the product has been moulded or blown since the antistatic will gradually migrate to the surface, i.e the longer the product is stored, the more antistatic active ingredient will migrate to the surface.

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